Find Your Selfie – Teen

Find Your Selfie – Teen

Achieve Self-Acceptance 

Find Your Selfie-Teen, the only guided-plan that teaches teenagers how to achieve self-acceptance and self-confidence.  Through activities and skills development designed to discover individual talents and interests, self-acceptance and self-confidence will emerge. These activities enable teens to discover who they are on the inside to reflect their best and true self to the world. 

Achieving self-acceptance and having self-confidence give teenagers a voice .  A voice to not only communicate one’s, fears, joys, and frustrations but also understand them as well. Find Your Selfie-Teen is a community of others who understand because they too have gone through the same self-discovery process! Confidence, happiness and self-acceptance will shine through in everything, including selfies.

With Find Your Selfie – Teen  you receive the guide which includes 5 lessons and access to 5 video coaching sessions. Each lesson and video teach how to achieve self-acceptance through internal sources rather than external sources. There is no better tool for personal discovery, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

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