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For years, Leigh Searl was on a journey to achieve success but unable to realize her goals.  After years of reading countless books on how to achieve personal success, she realized the success she was chasing was not her own, it was their success.  Leigh realized that once she found out exactly what she wanted, success followed.  After years of utter frustration both personally and professionally, Leigh decided to create simple programs for others to discover who they were, what they really wanted to achieve, and what success looks like for them.  

In Leigh’s easy to follow programs, you develop the knowledge to effortlessly create your success by being true to who you are.  Leigh’s programs provide the right tools so that you can learn how to overcome whatever is holding you back and give you the voice you thought you never had. Get excited about experiencing those “Aha!” moments that guide us to our best selves and achieve the success you desire. Most importantly, you will life you’ve always dreamed of, change your outlook and behaviors, have unstoppable confidence and truly FIND YOUR SELFIE and BE YOU.

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Meet Leigh Searl, JD


Based on her own introspective transformation, Leigh went from working as a middle-aged intern with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science, as well as a law degree, to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Leigh Searl has changed countless lives, by helping individuals realize their true goals and potential. Through her seminars, newsletters, and digital products, Leigh unveils the secrets to success and how to achieve it. Discovering self-acceptance, courage, and motivation, you, too, will achieve your goals and live your authentic life.

Leigh’s transformation of living an authentic life didn’t happen overnight, but your transformation can. It took Leigh years of reading self-development books, studying successful entrepreneurs and listening to podcasts before she freed herself from the hamster wheel she was on. Leigh’s insights and “Aha” moments will allow you to immediately start listening to and actually understanding your authentic self, achieving the success you desire and deserve.

Leigh and her work have been featured on Fox News, Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work, Business Insider, and Huffington Post.

Leigh was a military spouse for nearly 16 years and moved 12 times. The constant moving to remote locations was difficult on her personal and professional life. During her time as a military spouse, she founded a 501(c)(3), non-profit charity called America’s Career Force to help resolve military spouse unemployment. As the founder of America’s Career Force, she is using her business savvy and advocacy skills to help other military spouses find long-term, remote career opportunities. This organization is dedicated to assisting military spouses around the world pursue their DREAMS (Discovering Remote Employment For Americas Military Spouses).

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I love how you have incorporated mythology and archetypes into real world transformation. You have my vote of appreciation for what you have created.

Eddie Stern, Yoga Instructor, Author and Lecturer

You’re doing great work to help people build self-esteem through your tool!

DOVE | Self-Esteem Project | Team Member

The questions you ask are very insightful and the program is fun!


Your insight on the impact of social media is spot on!

Erin Vogel, Ph.D.

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